What to do if someone in your life is diagnosed with cancer

“Someone in my life has just been diagnosed with cancer, Gillian, what do I do?”  This is BY FAR the question I get the most on social media and on my blog.   People want to be there for their loved ones, but they just don’t know where to start.  This is a completely fair question, unless someoneContinue reading “What to do if someone in your life is diagnosed with cancer”

A Cancer Survivor’s Worst Nightmare

If you are a cancer survivor, you already know what I am talking about. But for everyone else, a cancer survivor’s worst nightmare is a re-occurrence. After my cancer surgery and chemotherapy in 2019, I lived with the fear of re-occurrence everyday. While the fear would come and go, it was always naggingly present. ButContinue reading “A Cancer Survivor’s Worst Nightmare”

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